New Year New Blog

Happy New Year and welcome to The Quilting Bird.

The New Year is a great time for starting new projects and trying out different experiences, so for 2014 I decided to start this blog.

I love quilting (clue was in the blog name), the picture above is a photo memory quilt I made last year, (the blocks look a bit wonky because it is hanging on the wall by curtain hooks).

I have been making quilts for about 4 years now. The world of quilting is so vast, with art quilting, modern quilting, traditional quilting, hand quilting , free-motion quilting, etc etc etc, I still feel like a new quilter with so much to learn and experiment with. I decided to start this blog because I thought it would be a great way to document my experiences as I continue on my quilting journey.

That’s not a quilt…

I also like to sew other things. I actually started quilting first, then made a couple of bags. The one in the picture above is a drawstring bag, the spiderman fabric is actually an old top of my son’s that he had grown out of. He loves spiderman so this was a great way of re-purposing that top. The back of the bag is a patchwork made from fabric scraps, the main solid blue fabric is an old sheet. This bag was really cheap to make. It is a large size, as it is the home for all of his cuddly toys, it can be made smaller, or even bigger as needed and was really simple to make.

I have never tried to make actual clothing, oh apart from this:

My son’s snowman outfit, that he wore all over Christmas, but I am not sure that counts.

I have bought 2 patterns, a casual denim style jacket and a dress, I intend to make both at some point this year.

So, is this a quilting blog, or a sewing blog or what??? Well all I can tell you is… it is a blog. I expect that most of the posts will be about quilting, I will also share my sewing achievements and I will probably throw in anything else I feel like.


Lisa at The Quilting Bird.


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