Review: PURElite 4 in 1 Crafters Magnifying Lamp

Introducing the new light in my life:

Pure Lite 4 in 1

I have been struggling with the lighting in my sewing room (otherwise known as my little section of the dining room) for some months now. I have been searching the internet, shops and shows for task lighting, put off by the high cost of anything claiming to be a daylight lamp, I have come away empty handed every time.

Alas, my poor eyes could take the strain no longer and I gave in. What matter the cost when my eyes need saving! As luck would have it, on one of my visits to Hobbycraft (UK) I found a display of task lights and came across this one marked at £50. What a bargain, I thought and snapped it up quick smart.

It is called the 4 in 1 Crafters Magnifying Lamp made by PURElite, whose tag line is ‘bringing the outside inside’. It can be converted from a floor lamp to a table lamp.

Table lamp

Here it is set up for desk use, the top picture is how I have it set up as a floor lamp at my sewing machine. It is really quick and easy to change the height by slotting in the extender poles, does not need a screwdriver and there are no long and complicated assembly instructions.

The PURElite 4 in 1 Crafters Magnifying Lamp has 21 LED lights which give a nice bright white light with minimum heat. My sewing machine is set up next to a window, but I found that this lamp improved the quality of light by reducing shadows from the morning sun. Come afternoon when the sun has shifted, the white light seems to make everything clearer and it is simply invaluable in the evening when I am totally reliant upon artificial lighting.

The lamp has a dimmer switch, however I prefer to use it on full. The blurb on the box states that it gives a “natural daylight effect”. I thought it was even better than the natural light coming through the window as it gives a much cleaner light and is easier to adjust than the sun!.

The centre of the lamp houses a 6 inch magnifying glass with 2X magnification. Apparently it is optical quality, I have no idea about magnifying glass quality so I guess that is good. The lamp has a flexible neck so it is easy to move and change position. It also has a tray that attaches to the lamp, to hold sewing or crafting bits in easy reach and a chart holder clamp, great if you are doing cross stitch or needle point (or any other craft I can’t think of where you need to follow instructions).

But what really attracted me to this lamp was, well 2 things, firstly that it could be converted from floor to table use and also that it can be mains or battery powered. These two things make the lamp really versatile and can literally be used anywhere.

I will admit that I was a bit sceptical when I saw the price tag of £50 for a lamp with all of these features, given that I found similar products for over £100 with less features, but I have been very impressed with the lamp so far. I use it mainly as a floor lamp to give extra light over my sewing machine table and it is much better than the actual sewing machine light. The magnifier has been very useful for ripping out stitches. The base and frame are nice and sturdy and I feel it will last a long time.

All in all I found the PURElite 4 in 1 Crafters Magnifying Lamp to be a great product, which does exactly what it says on the box and at £50 from Hobbycraft (UK), great value for money too.

Lisa at The Quilting Bird

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