Thank Friday it’s finished!


Here is one of my finished projects. It is a cute little pram size quilt made with fabric scraps from other projects. It was fairly easy to piece together being made from simple square blocks, but of course that meant that I had to be super precise with matching seams. Not a simple task for me as I hate all that careful measuring and millimetre perfect accuracy (because I can’t do it!). I took my time and pinned it every 2 millimetres (well that’s how it felt), which meant the sewing was slow and hey presto, matching seams!


The colours in the fabric are so vibrant I thought a red border would enhance it. The fabric I used has a suede effect, so it is not a flat colour which I love, however the tone looks more pinkish than red to me. Maybe dusky pink, rather than red. I still love it though, I think it fits with the quilt top.

I decided to hand quilt it using a red cotton perle no.8 embroidery thread and the ‘big stitch’ technique so the quilting stitches and colour would really show up.

The back of the quilt is a cream coloured brushed cotton (sorry no pic). All the fabrics used are 100% cotton and for the wadding I used Quilters Dream, the one for hand quilting. I cannot remember if that is the request weight or the select weight…why it just can’t be called hand quilting weight I do not know!

I finished it off with a double binding in the border fabric.

I love how it turned out.

Lisa at The Quilting Bird

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