I am featured in a quilt collection…

Baby quilt, girl quilt, crib quilt, baby blanket, lap quilt, toddler quilt, wall hanging, floral quilt, patchwork, nursery bedding Baby boys handmade patchwork quilt, baby blanket, boy bedding cot bed sized quilt, modern quilt or lap quilt Baby Pram Quilt Blanket - 100% cotton pram quilt  modern hand quilted baby pram size blanket pram buggy stroller quilt

I have to say a big thank you to Monika K owner of Etsy shop TobisiasLilThings, for including my animal squares Baby Pram Quilt Blanket in her Treasury collection.

The Treasury is called ‘Quilt – Beauty of colours’. It focuses on the colours that have been used in the quilts, each one seems to convey a mood. Some quilts have bright vibrant modern colours and others are more subdued, all are eye-catching.

To have a look at the full collection click here.

I am chuffed (very happy) to have been chosen, it is lovely to have your work appreciated.

(What’s a Treasury? I here you cry. A Treasury is a themed collection that has been created on Etsy by an Etsy shop owner)

Please be aware that all of the items are for sale and once sold the links are automatically removed, so if you are reading this post a while later, the links may not work.

You can view my post on making the Baby Pram Quilt Blanket here.

Lisa at The Quilting Bird.





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