Are you up for a quilting challenge?

Do you have what it takes to ‘sew-vive’?

If you love sewing and quilting then check out Sew-vivor,  a blog based sewing competition, loosely based on the TV program ‘Survivor’ and hosted by Rach H at Family Ever After Blog.

This is the 3rd season of the competition and this one is a special quilters edition.

Contestants will be challenged by sewing in four themed rounds of competition, with two weeks to complete their projects. Quilting judges combined with the public vote will determine which quilters progress through the rounds, and there will be a few surprise twists thrown into the mix. The last stitcher standing claims the Sew-vivor title, along with some amazing prizes provided by sponsors from the sewing and quilting industry.

The competition is open internationally to quilters of all abilities. All the judging is done by photograph (no need to post the actual quilt).

Auditions are now open, the entries can be any quilted piece, no size restrictions.

For more information on the competition, rules and prizes click here.

I have never entered any kind of quilting competition before, so I am going to try my hand and audition. I have had a look at the early entries and the standard looks pretty high. I fear the quilt I am working on may be too simple, I might change my planned entry…

Oh the stress, and the competition hasn’t even started yet!

If you don’t feel confident (or I have just put you off), entering the actual competition, there will be a quilt- along for those who’d like to participate without the competitive element. Rach H has opened a Flicker group to showcase the projects, and there will be surprise prizes to random participants. More info on this is on the Family Ever After Blog.

Who will SEW-VIVE!

Lisa at The Quilting Bird






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