WIP – Redesigning a fabric panel


Work In Progress: Picture on the left shows the original fabric panel. Picture on the right shows how it looks today.

I bought this fabric panel (patt 7194, created by Katie Hennagir for Andover Fabrics), last year and then put it away in my fabric collection. I just didn’t know what to do with it. I knew I didn’t just want to put some borders on the panel, but what to do…

A couple of months ago I put the panel up on my design wall and just looked at it for a few days…then a few days more. I was drawn to the circles on the panel, the colour circles, the circles on the tree an toad stool. I had a look in my fabrics and found a red and white polka dot fabric that coordinated with the panel beautifully. I cut the panel in to sections and then inserted the red polka dot strips, they finish at a 1 inch width. I then sewed all the sections back together (rejigged a bit…deliberately of course). I then made the border from blocks (the proper name of which I am unsure) and then added a 2 1/2 inch border in the white background fabric. It will be a cot size quilt when finished.

Here is a closer look…


This quilt is sandwiched, I have just finished quilting in the ditch to anchor the fabrics. I am going to add quilting inside of the panel sections, this was going to be straight line quilting but my walking foot has broken, (it was a cheap generic foot, giving rise to the old adage, buy cheap buy twice!),  so it might be free motion quilted instead.

Lisa at The Quilting Bird

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