Thank Friday It’s Finished – Birdie Quilt


This is another of my finished baby quilts. It is cot size and  made with 100% cotton fabric and wadding.

I love the little birdies on this fabric. I decided to showcase the birdie fabric, just because I think it’s so adorable.


I tend to make my quilts from the center out, I have ideas for designs that seem to grow out from the middle. I made the central panel first and then had to decide how to make the quilt larger. I used a green polka dot fabric that coordinates with the birdies, to define the panel and borders and add some interest to the quilt. With the fabric scraps I had left over from the central panel I made the panels at the top and bottom of the quilt, using a ‘flying geese’ block design. I had planned to have more geese flying, but they flew away (okay, I got bored making them!).


The quilt was free-motion quilted in an overall large scale feather design. I wanted something that would give movement to the quilt to balance all those straight lines and angles. The feathers also fitted the birdie theme nicely. The thread on the top of the quilt is white, so the stitching lines really fade in to the quilt. I didn’t want anything to fight with the pieced design.

If you are new to quilting and would like more info on free-motion quilting check out this video from Leah Day on free-motion quilting basics.

The back of the quilt is white and I wanted the free-motion feathers to show up, so here I used a blue variegated thread.


I actually quilted this upside down, I quilted the design with the back facing up in the machine so I could travel the feathers freely without being concerned about having to avoid seams, or how the feather branch would fall in a particular area.

The quilt was finished off with a double binding in the birdie fabric.

Lisa at The Quilting Bird.

You might also like to take a look at my Etsy shop TheQuiltingBird



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