Oh, how to press those quilting seams

press seams


When I began to make quilts, I had no idea at all what all the fuss was about seams. Quilters seem obsessed with seams (ha ha).

There is a lot of conflicting information about the best way to manage seams, should they be pressed open or to the side? I have tried both and actually found both have their merits. I find that if I want to match seams accurately, this is easier with them pressed to opposing sides, however I find it easier to quilt, whether by machine or hand, if the seams are open. So I find that I use both methods, sometimes even in the same quilt!

I found this video from McCalls Quilting quite useful as a foundation for pressing seams, so I thought I would share it with you good people. click here

Do share your own tips on how you press your seams and if you have any special equipment like mini-irons etc.

Lisa at The Quilting Bird

You can also find The Quilting Bird on Etsy



2 thoughts on “Oh, how to press those quilting seams

  1. I press seams open and to the side. Sometimes one is more useful than the other. I will say, I’ve decided the idea of “setting the seam” is an old wives’ tale. I’ve seen it explained that it is done to embed the threads, or some such nonsense. I do believe it makes the threads more pliable because of the application of heat. And that makes it easier to get a nice finish. But I’m hardly consistent in the practice, and no bad thing has happened to me yet.


  2. Melanie, thanks for your comment. I am the same with setting the seam. I used to think it was important until I took a class with an instructor who pressed her seams from the right side of the quilt top, so the iron didn’t go anywhere near the stitches, and her quilts have survived it!


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