Work In Progress – Lilac Baby Quilt



This is a quilt I am currently working on, the colours have come out darker than they are in reality…I need to get some lighting sorted out.

I Have given it a really boring name. I am rubbish with choosing names for my quilts. I am considering giving them a series number, like July#1. But then it would not be much of a series as it is unlikely to get past July#3 (I am a slow quilter).

Perhaps the seasons would be better…Spring#5. But that could become confusing if I made a winter weight quilt in April, would I label it a Spring#5 or Winter#5. Hmm…needs more thought.

Back to my work in progress.

The quilt top was pieced with fabrics from Textile Francais UK

Textile Francais 8-fat-quarters-set-papillon-mauve

This is a set of 8 fat quarters and I added a white on white fabric for the 9th fabric, in the quilt top.

See how pretty the colours really are. I have just realised the colour set is actually called  Papillion mauve, not lilac, so the name for the quilt is totally wrong…Oh!

I used a disappearing nine patch block to make the quilt top. There are lots of tutorials on how to make this block, which essential is made by sewing together 9 squares in to one large block. I decided to cut my fabric in to 5 inch squares, which is about the size of a standard charm pack. The tutorials I found all showed the fabric placement for each block as being identical (each block of 9 squares are all exactly the same), this does give some lovely patterns, but I wanted to see what would happen by making each block random.


This picture shows 4 of my blocks, each having a different fabric placement. I would advise that you square up the blocks at this point, I didn’t and had to square them up after cutting in to quarters.

I cut these blocks in quarters.


I cut my finished blocks to 6 3/4 inches, threw them in a bag, then randomly pulled out and sewed together. Where I could I matched fabrics from blocks and sewed these in to rows (sorry, didn’t take any photo’s of this). Then sewed these rows together, again matching fabrics where possible, and ended up with this.


I love random looking quilt tops and I am thrilled with the way this has come out, the finished top is about a cot size.

This is the first disappearing 9 patch I have done, it is a really quick and easy way to get a fabulous looking quilt, so I think you will be seeing more of these from me.

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7 thoughts on “Work In Progress – Lilac Baby Quilt

  1. I’ve done a disappearing 9 patch too. They’re fun and quick 🙂
    I like your idea of tossing them in a bag and sewing them together randomly. And it turned it great!
    Love the colours- feminine, but not too fussy. Pretty 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Kim, yes that fabric is very pretty, has a grown up elegance about it, not all pink and girly…although I do like a bit of pink and girly too!

    Thanks for your kind words about the quilt top. I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out, but I love it.


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  5. This is a very pretty combination of fabrics Lisa! From what I understand, silver and lavender are very popular nursery colors now.
    You did your nine patch playing very well!


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