Work In Progress – Animal Patches Baby Quilt

As I failed miserably to finish the quilt for the Sewvivor 3: Quilters Edition competition (you can read all about my failings here ), I thought I would give you an update on the current state of that quilt.


This is actually the back of the quilt, I am showing you this side because the quilting lines really show up nicely on the white background fabric. I am using a green variegated thread from Superior’s Rainbow range. As I mentioned in a previous post this is a trilobal polyester thread which looks beautiful, but gives my sewing machine terrible trouble. I have had lots of bobbin thread breaks, which seem to be due to the bobbin thread not being wound tightly enough and wrapping around mechanism. (I have a front loading machine which uses a bobbin case.)

Here are a couple of close ups.




I am enjoying playing around with patterns that can be made with straight line quilting using a walking foot. It is not finished yet I have a few more lines I want to put on.

The eagle eyed among you might have noticed that there are some extra quilting lines that are not part of the pattern. In the picture above for example, the 2 lines on the right and the line running across the bottom. These lines are there because I had originally intended to free motion quilt this, so I did some quilting in the ditch to anchor the fabrics together.

Remember that was the view from the back, now for the view from the front.


This is going to be a baby quilt, so I chose fabrics that I think are bright and cheery (…and cute), and not gender specific.

When I was planning the quilt top I knew I wanted the fabrics to look like they had been placed randomly and to have a feel of an actual piece of patchwork. So I sat down with my squared paper and meticulously drew the quilt blocks and planned exactly where each piece of fabric would go. (Only a quilter eh?!)

To make the sewing easier, and to avoid the need for set-in seams I designed the quilt top in rows, which were then sewn together.

It turned out pretty much how I imagined, definitely worth all the planning.

I am linking up with Let’s Bee Social at Sew Fresh Quilts and Needle and Thread Thursday at My Quilt Infatuation

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12 thoughts on “Work In Progress – Animal Patches Baby Quilt

    • Hi Lara B. I have a bit of a thing about quilt backs. I like the quilts to have the potential to be reversible, but this has given me a bit of a problem about quilt labels. I don’t want a label shouting “I’m the back”.


      • Lisa, I hear ya! I love it when someone makes the back of a quit look good too, like you did! I usually am so ready to get a quilt finished and move on that i don’t want to take the time. I need to stop that bad habit. On the subject of labels, did you see Lorna’s new tutorial over at Sew Fresh Quilts? She has a very classy and unobtrusive quilt label and info on how to have some of your own made.


  1. Such a pretty baby quilt! Sorry you have been having so much trouble with thread breakage. Hope you can finish this sweet quilt without further problems. I love the look of the trilobal thread you chose and how it looks where the quilting lines intersect. Great job!


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