Thank Friday It’s Finished – Mini Jungle baby quilt

Mini Jungle Baby Quilt

Another finished baby quilt. I called this one mini jungle because the fabrics have cute little jungle animals (I am not original with my quilt names…it’s lucky it even has a name).

Here’s the back.

Mini Jungle Baby Quilt BackI put a strip of that cute jungle fabric across the back, actually the blue fabric also has a jungle animal outline print on it.

The back view shows the quilting lines, the straight lines are from quilting in the ditch and the yellow curvy lines are from free motion quilted…don’t know what to call them…sort of vines. I was thinking vines and leaves when I quilted them.

And now for the front.

Mini Jungle Baby Quilt Front

This quilt top was designed to avoid the need to match seams and therefore avoid any need to worry about sewing anything accurately at all…my kinda sewing. The fabric was cut in to 4 inch squares and 2 by 4 inch rectangles which meant that I could easily sew them together in 4 inch wide rows, then just join the rows.

I have a natural dislike for accurate piecing and therefore great admiration for all you quilters who create beautiful intricate shapes with points so sharp you could do yourself an injury if not careful…but that’s not me. But never say never, my animal squares quilt  did require more accuracy to match those seam lines, so who knows.

Mini Jungle Baby Quilt Close up

This close up shows my vines, which are quilted in a yellow variegated cotton thread from Gutermann. You can also see the jungly animal prints…co cute.

Fabrics as usual are 100% cotton. I used a wool wadding from Hobbs this time, this was the first time I have used wool. It quilted well, but I don’t think it added anything to the aesthetic of the quilt. It is warmer than cotton so I might just use it for winter quilts.

I am linking up with Thank Goodness It’s Finished Friday   this week hosted by Quokka Quilts   andhosted by Richard and Tanya Quilts.

Lisa at The Quilting Bird.

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One thought on “Thank Friday It’s Finished – Mini Jungle baby quilt

  1. Lisa, i love this one too! Someday this little quilt will be so worn out with love it will have to passed down to the kittens. Can you contact me via email? I am having trouble adding your blog to my blog’s sidebar, which is one way I like to follow my favorite blogs.,


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