How to add a binding to your quilt.

Quilt Binding Tute


(The link to the binding tutorial is at the bottom of the post *Edited – The quilt in the photo is made by Marzi from Made by Marzipan, it is the quilt she uses to demonstrate how to attach a quilt binding)

Adding a binding to the quilt is generally the last step in making a quilt, although I will sometimes go back in and add more quilting after the binding has been added.

When I started quilting I really struggled to understand how to get those beautiful mitred corners. Even after I mastered that I still could not get to grips with the invisible join. The join isn’t actually ‘invisible’, it just looks the same as all the other joins so you can’t tell where the start and finish points are. I tried many different methods and gave up on achieving an invisible join for a long time.

I then came across a great tutorial on youtube, (gotta love youtube) and I am going to share it with you. It’s not too lengthy, under 8 minutes and has really simple, clear, step by step instructions. I love this video, I go back to it all the time to keep me in check. The video tutorial is by  Marzi (aka Maureen) at Made By Marzipan. If you love crafting click here to have a look at her cute blog packed full of lovely crafty ideas.

Heres what Marzi says about her quilt binding video:

“This tutorial includes everything you need to know to add a beautiful binding to your quilt! Learn how to sew a binding strip, how to create crisp mitered corners, and how to attach the binding together with a professional “invisible join.” See three different techniques for stitching the binding to the back side of your quilt. These instructions make it easy to bind a blanket.”

And after that long intro here is the link to the video click here and you can see the easy method Marzi uses to attach a binding to that gorgeous quilt in the picture.

Lisa at The Quilting Bird

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