Sonday Sewing

Yesterday I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon doing some sewing with my son. (That’s why I called the post SONday sewing…I know you thought I didn’t know how to spell Sunday!) He turned six at the end of September and it seemed that he might be ready to try the sewing machine. He loves sewing, he made his first felt owl when he was three years old from a kit with pre-made holes and a blunt needle. Last year we progressed on to a sock monster using real thread and a real needle. It now seemed time to take the next step. Needless to say he was very excited by the prospect.

Here he is intently concentrating,

Sonday SewingHe’s standing up using the foot pedal in case you were wondering about the logistics. He made three Christmas tree ornaments, each one is made differently. I was trying to find the easiest way for him to make them with minimal help from me. Here they are finished.

christmas tree ornamentsHis favourite is the middle one, it is all his own design. I tried to get him to use a lovely ribbon instead of the ric rac, but as you can see my powers of persuasion failed. Each of the tree decs are filled with a polyester wadding, the middle one was the easiest for him to sew, it is just the two pieces of fabric with the wadding in the middle. I drew a square about 1/2 inch from the edge to give him a sewing line to follow. The other two are turned out which also meant more help needed to close the openings.

He was great with the sewing machine. I do have a computerised machine with a speed control so was able to lower that, however he was still able to learn how foot pressure changes the speed of the machine. We had a great time together, he is thrilled with what he has made and now wants to make a quilt for one of his toys.

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